Wisconsin Public Employees Opt out of Unions

June/01/2012 16:25PM
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Next Tuesday the voters in Wisconsin will decide whether Governor Walker remains as governor. Their decision will tell us a lot about the fall elections. If he stays other governors may take a harder line on public unions. If he goes, it will be a long time before another governor takes that risk.

The Democratic Party has pretty much written this off as a loss. A big loss. Their big Ponzi scheme may be rapidly coming to an end. You know the one where unions pick the candidate, take dues from the membership, use the dues to get the candidate elected, then watch as the candidate, now elected, approves raises and benefits for the union members that destroy the budget.

In Wisconsin, since Walker passed the legislation that limits union power, public union members have opted out of the union in big numbers. Membership in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the state’s second largest union, dropped to 28,745 in February from 62,818 in March of 2011.

Under the new law, the state no longer collects union dues from members’ paychecks. So, the union employee can opt to send money to the union or stop. Seems like a large number have stopped paying dues. Guess they have decided the party is over. If the union can’t demand non-competitive wages and platinum benefits for members by owning politicians, what good are they?

If politicians can’t be owned by unions in Wisconsin, seems like the budget gets balanced pretty quickly. States like Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, and Michigan are finding this to be the case. None have gone as far as Wisconsin, but all have worked on cutting benefits to public employees.

Seems strange doesn’t it? Obama can’t see what excessive spending and unfunded redistribution of wealth have done to Europe. California and Illinois can’t see what it’s doing to them. Nor, can they see the working solutions coming out of New Jersey and Indiana. Is it can’t see, or don’t care? When the end comes, like Greece, the politicians will be long gone. It’s easier to knowingly do the wrong thing than face a recall election.

Good for Scott Walker. He faced it head on. And, the polls show he will survive.

Are there more Scott Walkers out there somewhere?

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