The Slip that Cost Obama his Job

June/13/2012 16:02PM
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When you hold a press conference with no news to report you run the risk of losing focus and making news. Obama did just that. He advised the country that the private sector economy is fine. That comment will be played back thousands of times between now and November.

Here’s the sad part of the Obama gaffe. He truly believes that only the public sector drives the economy. Public sector jobs are job one for this president. Even after blowing almost a trillion dollars in stimulus money with little impact, he still believes that we need to borrow money from the Chinese and hire more public employees to fix our economy. It was said the former Soviet Union failed because everyone worked for the government, the workers pretended to work, and the government pretended to pay them.

Most Americans could make a long list of things that aren’t fine in the private economy. But,why bother with this president.

He can’t help himself. He believes we need to try the failed economic models of the aforementioned Soviet Union, Greece, and California. Reality is not relevant.Once a community organizer, always one.

If you believe borrowing money to add millions of new public employees will fix our economy, Obama is your man. If you believe many things are broken in the private economy, but fixable, then Romney is your man.

That’s the essence of the next election.



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