Pinochio as President

June/30/2012 16:49PM
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It’s going to fun watching the rest of the 2012 presidential campaign. I will give Obama credit, he didn’t spike the ball on the supreme court decision on ObamaCare. He said, let’s just put this behind us. He meant way behind us.

He will haunted by the following lies for the next few months.

It’s not a tax. While Obama refused to call it a tax, Robert’s rewrote the words of the document and made it a tax. I don’t know how that works, I didn’t realize the supreme court could turn into congress and rewrite a document to turn a mandate into a tax, but he did. A tax that congress never would have passed in the first place. Raising taxes when this bill was on the floor would have been a disaster, but a mandate that becomes a tax from a conservative justice won’t work either.

So, it’s a tax. Obama is giving the country the biggest tax increase in history. Can’t deny it, Roberts says it’s a tax. How many times will we see that interview with Obama and George Stephanopoulos where Obama insists it’s not a tax? Will we see his nose grow?

Next up, you can keep your doctor. That may be a bigger lie than the tax lie. Doctors are already dumping medicare patients. The bill cuts $500 billion more out of medicare. What quacks will be left to treat medicare patients? Those that bilk billions from the system the government can’t run now. Businesses, big and small, will be dumping medical as a benefit. When these people are left with the government medical plan, will their previous doctor see them? No, their doctors will be seeing the elite who still have fair- paying health insurance. Politicians, union employees, public union employees, law firm employees, and those who still have good insurance. Plus, with 30 million more potential new now insured, you’ll die before you see any doctor. The IRS and the hundreds of panels recruited from the bureau of motor vehicles will decide which doctor you see. Your old doctor won’t be on that list.

And, the biggest lie of all. Obama told his core base he would never raise their taxes. Basically, the 50% who pay no taxes. But, he just did. The good news for many is there may be no 50% who pay no taxes any more, thanks to Obama and Roberts. If this 50% doesn’t buy insurance, Barack will tax them. They will pay a tax and still have no insurance. No problem, they will just use the free cell phones Obama gave them to call and buy insurance on the way to the doctor when they get sick. But, the IRS will take that tax out of their tax refund. Of course, we will need thousands of new IRS employees to police the tax collection. In addition to the thousands we will  hire to run ObamaCare.

It’s tough running for anything as a liar. It’s easy proving Obama lied. Hence, he is running uphill this year. Thanks, John Roberts.

Most of us know we need to find a way to provide health care to those who can’t afford it or can’t  get it because of pre-existing conditions.  They all get treatment now, but it’s not easy and some go broke trying to pay the tab. The present system doesn’t work.

But, sticking with a 2400 page bill cobbled together by consultants and unread by those who supported the bill is not the answer. We need a new start. Let’s all work hard to make that happen.

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