Obama Sets God Straight

June/17/2012 16:35PM
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This cartoon goes back to Obama’s days in the Illinois state senate. He stopped a law from being passed that would have prevented doctors from stabbing half-born infants in the necks with scissors.

Of course, like Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, and all the rest, Obama disclaimed any responsibility for preventing a law that would have stopped this practice. Guess the Chicago Sun Times had nothing else to do that day they printed the cartoon.

I’m very sensitive about Obama’s position on this. My twin granddaughters were premature. Born three months early and weighing two pounds. Today, thanks to the medical staff at Northwestern neo-natal care unit, they are healty, happy, smart, athletic, 11 year old girls.

We have a president who would have terminated them.

His work to prevent that law from being passed reflects his life in politics. He stone walled it until he was gone. Since he rarely went to work while a state senator, notice this is a big trait of his also, he simply was never there to push the bill to a vote. He left no tracks.

If you are looking for new reasons not to reelect Obama, just put this on the pile.

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