Michele Obama’s Garden

June/03/2012 16:31PM
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Do you ever wonder why the Brit’s still have a queen? My wife has a friend who spends 6 months in the the UK with her male friend of many years. Then the two of them come back here for 6 months. When we get together I’m given a list of things I can’t discuss, like dental care, the ferret races we watched at a county fair in the countryside of the UK, and the queen and royal family. Her friend’s friend seems not to have a list since he revels in discussing Chicago politics, Europe’s dislike of George W. Bush, and the level of debate in Parliament vs. the Senate.  I’m sure I will now have the economic demise of the UK on my new list.

Anyway, I find Michele Obama’s garden to be much like the queen. It’s a test to see how gullible we really are and whether we still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Let’s see how you do on the test?

Here’s the test:

1. Has Michele ever been in the garden without a camera present? Yes/No

2. Has Michele ever planted more than 6 items in the garden? Yes/No

3. Has Michele ever picked one item from the garden? Yes/No

4. The garden has cost taxpayers more than $1 million. Yes?No

5. The Obama kids have been in the garden without a camera present? Yes?No

6. Obama himself has never been in the garden. Yes/No

7. The garden was build with 100% union labor. Yes/No

8. The garden is fertilized 100% by BS from Obama’s speeches. Yes/No

Answers: 4 no, 4 yes, you guessed right

I’ve decided this garden is our version of the queen. An expensive bunch of pomp and circumstance funded by we the taxpayers to promote one person. Like the queen, I believe this kind of propaganda is passe and insults my intelligence. Actually, it make the Kardashians look good.

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