Wrap Rage-My New Reality TV Idea

May/18/2012 16:20PM
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Estimates of injuries from these packages are all over the board. The number I found most often is 300,000 trips to the emergency room every year from people trying to break into these clam shells. Christmas is the peak time.

Amazon is banning these packages from their product list. Finally, someone is doing something about them. The right someone, the retailer, not the government. If the government took this on we would have to hire another few thousand people and spend millions.

Here’s my reality TV idea. Pick the 50 worst, in numbers of injuries, and have the CEO of the company marketing the product open it on TV. I would extend that beyond clam shell packages. How about some of those zip lock packages where you are supposed to tear just above the re-seal line? How many products like that do you open with your teeth, since there is no clear tear point?

Over the counter drugs. Want to see a CEO try to find and pull that little tab that is supposed to open the tamper proof cover? A Spam can? How many get cut on those?

This would trump Undercover Boss, which has become a farce by now. How dumb does an employee have to be to not wonder why a camera is following around a trainee while they work together. Nice disguises. It’s great theater for making women cry. Cry, when the CEO passes out large sums of money to everyone who appeared on the show.

Pick CEO’s from companies that make a multitude of packaged products so they can’t practice on all of them ahead of time. One trip to my show and that company will upgrade the packaging department. Injuries will go way down and we will have money to treat more illegals in our emergency rooms.

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