Is United Airlines Going to the Dogs?

May/27/2012 16:30PM
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Meet Skippy:

Meet Skippy’s Owner:

My nephew, Matt, a world class rock climber recently returned from 10 years in Taiwan where he wrote two books on rock climbing in Taiwan. He acquired a dog, Skippy while there, He brought Skippy home with him. United Airlines botched the handling of the dog’s travel from San Francisco to Chicago.

I experienced similar problems with United while trying to change a flight from Phoenix to Chicago.

Now, the ratings of airline performance have been made public. United ranks last or almost last in every catagory. They have changed their perks for different catagories of frequent fliers and added all the Continental frequent fliers to the population. Many of their most loyal customers now complain they can’t get upgrades or access to the club rooms.

Delays to talk to an agent have reached epic proportions.

All the time, every passenger on every United flight gets to watch this video before takeoff.


Does this guy remind you of Obama? Promise everything while it all goes to pot.

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