Get Your Priorities Straight

May/19/2012 16:06PM
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In this campaign season you will be inundated by campaign ads that are all head fakes. The media will blast you with tales of candidates who put a dog in a cage on top of his car,  or another who ate dog. Stories about hazing in high school. Or, yet another version of whether a candidate was really born in the US.

I’m going to make it easy for you to pick a candidate. Here’s all that’s important to you, your kids, and your grand kids, if you have any. If you believe a candidate knows this is a problem and speaks to solving this problem, that candidate should get your vote.  If a candidate tells you he can fix this by taxing the rich, he’s lying to you.  If a candidate wants to spend more, he’s not your candidate. If he tells you we need to send aid to some foreign nation, he’s not the man.

Watch this and give some thought to who is even talking about this problem. Or, who’s hiding the ball on this problem.

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