Why Spain is a Pain

April/19/2012 16:34PM
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Here are a couple of charts from Chase Bank.

The one on the left shows why the world is worried about the economy of Spain. You can see that only Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Italy ever show up in any category in this comparison to Spain. Spain has serious problems and will follow Greece as a threat to the European Common Market.


The chart on the right shows who will win the 2012 November presidential election. If the current jobless trend continues Obama will win. If the trend follows the 2010 and 2011 trends and reverses after the first quarter, Romney will be our president. No one roots for joblessness. But, the election rides on the results. Experts say the warm first quarter this year contributed to a more robust job market. The most recent jobs report suggests that may be true.

Why show the two charts side-by-side. If Spain follows Greece and requires huge bailouts it will impact the US stock market, US exports, and the dollar. Those would be further headwinds to new hiring here in the US.

Watch these numbers. They will tell you who will win the election.

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