Thank You Hilary Rosen

April/15/2012 16:12PM
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Hilary Rosen is the Democratic Strategist who said Ann Romney has never had a real job. I’m sure by now Hilary is not working for the Democratic party. She might has a nice job working for the Republicans, because no one will do much more heavy lifting for the Republicans than Hilary did. The White House couldn’t get away from Hilary’s comment fast enough.

Ann Romney raised five boys.  From all appearances, she did a great job. My older daughter is raising five kids. I was an executive in a multi-billion dollar corporation. I served on several boards. I commuted to the city.  My average work week was 70-80 hours. Unless I was traveling, and then it might be longer.  I did this for too many years.

It was a piece of cake compared to my daughter’s job with five kids. The schedule looks like a factory flow chart. All of them play sports, most two at least. They are on the high school team or travel teams. They have tournaments in remote places like Orlando, Washington DC, and Indianapolis.  Or, the far Chicago suburbs. The travel schedule would boggle the mind of the traveling secretary of a major league team.

Then, of course, there’s the meals, the laundry(I’ve never walked in the house and not seen the washer and dryer running), the homework supervision, the health care requirements, and school meetings and volunteer requirements.

I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t have traded jobs when I was working those  70-80 hours a week with dozens to supervise. It was much easier than her jobs. If one of my employees failed or got sick it hurt me. But, nothing like a failure or a sickness hurts her. She’s got real pressure to succeed. Hilary, you couldn’t do it either. After you and your former partner, adopted two kids, you tried it for two years and went back to work. Now, your ex-partner is raising those kids. As a failed mother, who are you to criticize?

Rosen’s comments remind of two things. So many female Obama supporters are elitist urbanites who have no grasp of life outside of NYC. And, many consider a mom with five kids as less educated than her and her friends. Well, Hilary you are wrong.  My daughter and Ann Romney are probably both better educated than you. Sorry, Hilary, just because they choose to have a big family doesn’t make them less than you.

In truth, Hilary, in forty years when you have nothing in your life, when those two adopted kids you pass back and forth with Elizabeth hardly know you, and you are lonesome and probably suffering from severe depression, my daughter will be like me. Enjoying quality time with kids and grand kids.

And for the democratic working moms who are defending Hilary, saying they work and raise kids too, so did my daughter until the fifth came along.  Try it with five, ladies. There is an economic limit where the cost to have someone take care of your kids is greater than your working income.

After having a child and spending the maternity leave with that child, how’s that first day dropping that little bundle off at day care, Hilary? Guess you didn’t experience that, right?

Having a job doesn’t make you or your fellow democrats special, Hilary, raising five kids successfully does. You see, being a mother is a job. A real job. And, a hard job. Your job will only give you short-term rewards. You probably just lost your job, so you will see that soon. Having the mom job will give you benefits for the rest of your life.

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