Obama Looks into the Camera and Lies

April/10/2012 16:15PM
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Here’s the comment President Obama made to the America pubic on the day he lost his bid for reelection. “ObamaCare was passed by an overwhelming majority of a Democratically elected Congress.”

Wow, I guess I forgot the Louisiana Purchase and the Nebraska Corn-husker deals. Ben Nelson, Senator from Nebraska didn’t, it cost him his job. The worst, sleaziest work, Nancy Pelosi could muster was what it took to pass your stinking bill, Mr. President.  The nation experienced projectile vomiting while watching you get this mess through congress.

Now you stand before the nation and try to tell us it was passed by an overwhelming majority. Obfuscation has never been a problem for you. But, either you are very confused, addled, or suffering serious memory loss, or you are just plain lying on this one.

While that comment was not captured on the video that follows, it was captured by a large number of journalists who listened to your attack on the Supreme Court. An attack that prompted a Federal Judge to ask your legal counsel to submit a response to the attack to the court within 48 hours. You might not have just lied, you may have made statements that will result in some action from a Federal Court. The Judge wants you to justify certain statements. Guess you can lie to the public but you better not lie to a Federal Judge about the Supreme Court. You probably pissed off enough Supremes to insure they vote against your pride and joy, little ObamaCare.

Just like the Fonz, you may have jumped the shark on this one. When the Fonz rode a shark it was too much for the public and Happy Days went away. When you lie to the public it may be the equivalent of jumping the shark.  You, too, may go away. None too soon.




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