Obama and George Clooney Lottery Scam

April/25/2012 16:30PM
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President Obama has brought campaign fund raising to a new low. He’s appealing to teenie boppers and brain dead adult women to send him $3. If the $3 is sent the donor gets their name entered into a lottery to have dinner with the president and George Clooney. The wording is really suspect. It tries to intimate that for the $3, you get to come to the dinner. With transportation and other expenses included. There are not the pages of disclaimers required of any promotion. When I was a marketing executive, we had every promotion where there were winners scrubbed by the law department for days and weeks. Is this not a promotion with one winner?

There is very little information, just dreamy language appearing to appeal to very young women. Like, “pick who you bring with you to this event”, etc.

For those of us old enough to remember Soupy Sales, he got thrown off TV for running a little skit. He said, “kiddies, while Mom and Dad are sleeping, go into the purse or wallet, take out a dollar and sent it to Soupy Sales at: address”.

Now Soupy is dead and we have Soupy II as our president. How much lower can it sink?

Here’s Obama’s tweet. Doesn’t this seem so very presidential?

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