“If I Had a Son He Would Look Like Trayvon”

April/03/2012 16:46PM
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Again, as in the Cambridge “beer incident,” President Obama makes a comment on the Trayvon Martin tragedy. On the surface it seems an innocuous statement. But, in retrospect, it doesn’t. Is it appropriate for a president to get involved in an incident that is creating racial tensions? Did his comment add to the stress?

As his time in office passes it becomes more apparent that President Obama likes to pick fights.  He seems to become more and more just a Chicago politician. Incidents like the open microphone with the Russian president and the Trayvon comment show what he really stands for, and it’s not the Obama who campaigned for the office. The man who promised a new bi-partisan spirit.

He’s become a man who seems not to like his job. A man who lost his Wall Street support, his Jewish support, his Catholic support, and may even lose his one big accomplishment, ObamaCare.

He looks like a man who wants to lose his job and is doing everything he can to make that happen.

He can’t win, but the Republicans can lose.

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