A Three Year Old Girl Empties Her Piggy Bank

April/18/2012 15:32PM
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This is a story about a three year old girl who has only experienced the reign of Obama in her lifetime. It also shows a pledge Obama made regarding his promise about getting the country back on track. Polls show a large majority of Americans don’t believe we are back on track. In the clip the little girl empties her piggy bank. The coins turn into Obama campaign buttons from 2008.

I never remember a political ad as effective as the Reagan, “It’s morning again in America” ad. But, this is pretty powerful. It serves to remind us of the confident arrogance of a narcissistic president who excels at speaking, but fails at producing.  All the failures of this administration should point to failure of the man at the helm.

Polls show his likablilty exceeds that of Romney. It’s good to remember that was also true of Jimmy Carter. But, Reagan challenged Carter on competency. Reagan just kept saying, he’s in over his head. Obama, too, is in over his head. Plan on seeing that little clip where Obama promised he would get it done in three years or he didn’t deserve another term. When you talk as much as Obama does sooner or later many of your words will come back to haunt you. None more so than these words


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