A Tale of Two Principals

April/30/2012 16:56PM
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This is part of a video taken by a student in Quartzsite, AZ of a married principal having a private moment with a secretary on school property. Cell phones are handy little gadgets, eh? A very long passionate embrace.

Both the principal and the secretary were fired.

A friend of mine had a situation with a school principal in Illinois. His daughter, a single parent, took her daughter, an infant to a garage sale. The child picked up a $5 item and dropped it and broke it. The child make a bee line for the car. The mother went after the child. The man holding the garage sale, a school principal, went after the two of them.

An argument ensued over the broken item. The mother paid for the item, but the argument continued.

The mother returned home. Shortly thereafter two police cars arrived and arrested her for assault and battery. Evidently, during the argument she brushed her elbow against the man’s chest. He filed charges. But, he told the police all he wanted was an apology. So, the police took her back to apologize. After apologizing, the man said his wife convinced him he should let the changes stand.

So this single mom must go to court and plead guilty to a minor misdemeanor charge and pay a $100 fine. Slightly over five feet tall, she certainly is very intimidating.

Is it no wonder we pay more per student for education in this country but rank no better than 25th in the world in test scores.

These are the kinds of people we have running our schools today. One who thinks it’s OK to play grab ass with a secretary in the break room and one who can’t cope with a petite single mom who’s one year old breaks a $5 item at this garage sale. Nor, keep a commitment made to the police.

You want education reform? Better look at the top of the house. One robin doesn’t make a spring or 21 secret service agents make the whole apple rotten, but these re indications that leadership is not what most of us expect in the schoolhouse or the Department of Homeland Security or even the White House.

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