Obama Offers You an IQ Test

March/31/2012 16:26PM
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Here’s the test, quick and simple. Obama says the oil companies are responsible for $4 gasoline and the solution is to tax them. Obama would then take that money and invest in great new companies like Solyndra. The oil companies would take the tax burden and put it on the pump. You get higher than $4 gasoline with the Obama plan, and the organizations that are fracking and increasing domestic production pay higher taxes, repaid by you at the pump, so they can retain capital to invest in more fracking.

How absolutely stupid does Obama think we are? He obviously thinks we are dumbed down to a challenged level. If he thinks this will let him skate on the $4 gasoline issue, he’s wrong. Few people are still buying the tankers floating around the world’s seas with crude oil to keep prices up that Carter used. Few people believe that killing Keystone and keeping cheap Canadian oil from U.S. refineries in the Gulf Coast was a brilliant stroke of genius. And, that it didn’t signal Obama’s position on $4 gasoline. This is not a rabbit out of the hat piece of magic by Obama, it’s roadkill. A flat, stinky, sad old story.

But, it tells you one thing. Obama gives the voting public very little credit for recognizing roadkill. He believes a compliant media will pump up the flat roadkill and make it look like a cute kitten for you.

Go ahead and buy his baloney if you choose, it’s the very thing that’s kept us dependent on Middle Eastern oil for 30 years.

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