Who Decides Your Utility Costs in the Future?

February/16/2012 16:42PM
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In many states, like Arizona, there is a commission that has sole authority to determine your future costs for gas and electricity. That commission in Arizona has declared the power company get 15% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025 and the overall energy demand go down by 22 percent by 2020. The gas utilities must cut demand by 6 percent by 2020. What gives 15 people, most of whom are environmentalists, the crystal ball to set such mandates. And, when, if ever, is the consumer’s ability to pay entered into the mandated numbers?
In my judgement no group could be less qualified to do this job.

Arizona lawmakers, mostly Republican, are concerned about what these rules might do to utility costs. And what power generation might be shut down that can’t be reopened before the cost damage is real. They are in the process of passing a law that requires these rules by approved by the Arizona House and Senate. This is very likely to pass. If so, the mandates will be adjusted based on cost estimates, not commission members’ zeal to foster the alternative fuels business and stick it to consumers as the trade off.

Isn’t it nice to see a group of legislators care about the poor? And, Republicans, no less. Democrats all over this country are willing to double utility costs for everyone, not just those who fall under the Buffet rule. When the reality of what they did happens, they will be looking for utility subsidies for the poor to offset what they, the Democrats, did to the poor. Just like the housing crisis.

Also, isn’t it nice to see a state where legislators are looking ahead and seeing the train in the tunnel and stopping the train before it is too late. Good for you Arizona Republicans, you do care about the safety nets for the poor. Watching for the holes being poked in that net by the Obama followers.

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