Why College Tuition Grows so Fast

January/29/2012 16:44PM
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Here are tuition facts for Arizona State University. Fifty percent of students pay zero. Another 11 percent pay less than half. The remaining 39 percent pay full price. Does this remind you of income tax percentages in the US?

President Obama is basing his 2012 campaign on fair share/fair shake. Who gets a fair shake at ASU? Certainly not the 39 percent paying almost 100 percent of the revenue for the university.

As more free rides are passed out, tuition increases dramatically, to cover the freebies.

Obama feels the rich need to pay more taxes. But, just like ASU, fifty percent pay zero taxes. And, also like ASU, 30 percent pay almost 100 percent. It seems like income redistribution always falls into the same pattern whether it’s a country, or a university.

Then the inevitable happens. ASU must cut tuition or enrollment drops off. Cutting expenses is out of the question. You can’t stop giving away the store to those with a free ride. There aren’t enough students who can or would pay full price.

Obama wants to raise government spending, and help those with a free ride even more. To do that he has to raise taxes. But those paying 70 percent of taxes now don’t see that as fair. He knows there aren’t enough to tax if he took 100 percent to cover his spending. But, it makes a good story.  Now, Obama is addressing the tuition increase problem.  We can all guess the outcome of his price controls on tuition.  Obama is not satisfied with 50% getting a free ride, he wants more who can’t pay to go to college. At the same time, he wants to forgive student loans and lower tuition. Let’s see, I’m going to increase the number of free students, give away loan debt, and reduce revenue for colleges and universities.  Want more proof Obama lives in Fantasy land?

ASU is in a bad place. Obama will put America in that same bad place.

When half the people are getting free rides, it’s hard to make ends meet. Even worse, to say that must go up to achieve a fair shake.

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