Who is the Winner and Who is the Loser?

December/30/2011 16:07PM
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Both the Chicago Tribune and the USA Today went after Sheriff Joe Arpaio this week. The US Department of Justice is after Joe again charging profiling. Mary Sanchez wrote the Tribune article and fervently believes the end is near for Joe. Having spend a great deal of time in Arizona, I have read hundreds of articles in the even-further-left Arizona Republic, dreaming of the same thing. Joe responds to all the same way. “I just enforce the law.”

On the facing page of the Tribune was an editorial titled ” How not to fix the immigration system” attacking both the Alabama immigration law and the Arizona law, SB 1070. The article states 100,000 illegals have left Arizona since the law was passed. Without Sheriff Joe around, that number might have been much smaller.

Where did those 100,000 illegals go? Not back across the border. My guess would be the lion’s share went west to California.

Statistics show California is losing population at a rate not seen for decades. Who is leaving and where are they going? East to places like Texas, Oklahoma, and, of course, Arizona. Taxpayers with jobs, skills, and businesses. Those California can least afford to lose.

So, between Sheriff Joe and SB1070, Arizona is trading California illegals for legals. People who no longer wish to give California the taxes they need to support their already onerous illegal population burden. Pretty good deal as I see it. California gets a bigger tax bill while Arizona sheds some tax drains. And, gains some tax producers. Thank you, Sheriff Joe, thank you.

As an added item to give more humor to this, Cook County in Illinois, home of the Tribune, is in trouble with Homeland Security. Guess what they are doing? Releasing inmates that ICE has asked them to hold until ICE can deport them. A Willy Horton moment waiting to happen. If they are so bad ICE wants them out of the country, they are bad. But, Cook County wants them on the streets.

If you were voting for a sheriff, would it be Joe or the Cook Country sheriff? Arizona voters know what they are doing when they keep putting Joe back in office.

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