Obama Wipes Out Yet More Jobs

December/16/2011 17:42PM
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The NTSB, following all other Obama agencies, has found a way to control your life. They have decided rules for operating telephone devices in highway vehicles can’t be trusted to cities and states. Of course not, only the smart people work in Washington DC.

They plan a National policy, or regulation, that no cell phone devices of any kind can be used in any highway vehicle. Looks like another government regulation that may be headed to court.

If you are an employee of any company that makes a hands-off device, Blue-tooth or otherwise, dust up your resume. Pretty hard to sell something illegal unless it’s drugs in this county. The Obama Nanny State is so sorry you will soon be out of work. But, you see a bus driver was texting, not using a hands-free phone and kids were tragically killed as a result. Of course thousands were killed by drunk drivers, but it only took one incident with a high profile to get the attention of the NTSB and they didn’t stop with the cause of the accident, texting, they went all the way.

What’s next, listening to your GPS, picking your nose, eating, having the morning coffee on the way to work, or breaking up a fight with your kids in the back seat. Where will the NTSB draw the line?

Two congressmen just withdrew a bill to allow robo calls to cell phones. Guess the heat they got back home out-weighed the money they were going to get from robo-callers.

Where does it stop? When is enough, enough? When will you put your foot down and say, no more government intrusion in my life?

This is a clear case of overstepping the Constitutional rights of states. A grab for Federal power. A good idea, no texting, taken to an extreme.

People who do business from their vehicles on hands off devices will be deprived of a time saver that dangers no one. No more so than having a conversation with another passenger. Employees of manufacturers of these devices will pay the price. But most of all, we Americans all pay the price as our freedoms are eroded by this Administration.

Everything is going to hell in this country, and Obama and his people are worried about cell phones in vehicles. How about worrying more about the Volt burning up two weeks after an accident and killing a family while they sleep?

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