My Set Of Government Regulations

December/26/2011 16:24PM
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President Obama has been busy creating regulations to rule from the throne. Nothing has been sacred. He skirts Congress by regulation. If he doesn’t get what he wants, like Cap and Trade, he does it by regulation.

I want to do the same, but have no power, so I can only suggest.

No president can campaign or fund raise until March 1 of the election year. Hence, Obama’s example of campaigning and doing nothing else for the past year and and half and the next 11 months will be impossible. We pay a President to lead and he will lead until March 1.

No agency can put into place any regulation that will cost more than $10 million. Any regulation over that will be passed by Congress.

The Senate must pass a budget by December 1 for the coming year. No more going three years without a budget. No president will ever be able to spend without regard to a published budget.

No agency can pass any regulation that will affect all the states for a situation that addesses less than 50 states. Example: the Bureau of Land Management can’t pass a regulation regarding wild horses when it only impacts a few states. Those state must deal with their own problem.

All regultions must pass the “best done by Feds vs best done by the states” test.

The federal government does not have the power to sue states. Nor does Mexico have the power to sue a state in the United States.

Dismantling the Fedral Government size will require dismantling regulatory power. Start there.

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