Government Shows Disdain for Troops

December/04/2011 6:43AM
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The hidden camera disgrace showing 17 employees of Tower, a big military contractor, smoking dope and drinking during lunch shows a government out of control. Obviously, no one from the Department of Defense ever visits the plant. Nor does Tower have an effective drug and alcohol policy that is enforced. And, supervisors at Tower must be incompetent and under the union thumb.

It doesn’t make me happy to see auto plant workers doing the same, but employees building equipment for our brave men and women working drunk or stoned sickens me.

Carl Levin,senator from Michigan,home of the Tower plant was too busy to comment on the video. He’s also Chairman of the Armed Forces Committe.he should be demanding the contract with Tower be cancelled. Suspending 17 workers doesn’t cut it with me. Especially when the union will give them slaps on the wrist.

This is a major disgrace that will be overlooked by mainstream media. It will be swept under the rug until more film is shown from more defense plants. And, like the Penn State mess, they’re out there.

A government that buys $200 toilet seats and puts minority contractors first in the bidding game, then buys from the low bidder, is not putting quality first.

Most buyers do drop-in plant inspections at supplier plants. They demand drug and alcohol testing with verificatios.

Go to Tower on Google and watch the video. It will make you angry.

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