Perry Introduces Big Ideas

November/19/2011 16:34PM
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At a time when the so-called Super Committee can’t cut 5 cents on the dollar over ten years to reduce spending by $1.2 trillion over 10 years, Perry, desperate, tries big ideas.

Campaigning in New Hampshire, he introduced a part-time citizen congress, term limits for judges, and slashing government spending.

In his words, “giving money and authority to congress is like giving whiskey and the car keys to a teenager”.

He said he would privatize the TSA, an idea I’ve been waiting to hear from a candidate. Almost every country in the world has done that. Anyone who does an in-depth look at the TSA cites gross inefficiency. Too heavy bureaucratic costs and approval structure.

Another quote: “government must not only be smaller, but more humble.” They couldn’t be more arrogant. With their approval rating one might assume there would be humility. The lower the approval rate, the more arrogant they get.

I’m not sure what a part-time citizen congress looks like, but you might assume it’s somewhere between term limits and today.

The idiocy of congress not being able to cut some of the additions to expenses made since Obama took over is a classic example of a system gone wrong. When we borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend and we can’t cut 5 cents of that over ten years, we are in serious trouble. When we run Freddie, Fannie, the FHA, Amtrak, and the post office at huge losses, we have no business in any business being run by Washington. Yet, none of these have come up with the Super Committee.

Perry might still have a chance if he pushes big ideas that change the most despised entity in government, congress, he will get support. It also shows why Romney is not getting big support. His ideas are very, very small.

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