Obama Insults Our Intelligence

November/11/2011 16:25PM
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On his daily TV show, President Obama made a show of signing his 9th executive order in past 6 weeks. It looked like a bill signing, which Obama doesn’t do anymore since he can’t get his ideas approved by his Democratic Senate. It was what I would call a Chump Change order. It will save taxpayers pennies and make any who bought his pitch a chump. In his parting shot he once again blamed Congress for not doing anything about the debt crisis and left viewers with the impression he was doing something.

He commissioned Simpson-Bowles. They gave him trillions in budget savings, not chump change. He punted that in favor of small ball. He wants the country to believe that yet another effort to save money by eliminating waste will save the day for America. The big examples he cited added up to nothing. Saving on cells phones and buying less books by digitizing them.

This is a president devoid of leadership. Even the worst have possessed some. He is totally incapable of getting in the trenches and trying to resolve gridlock in Congress on spending. He would rather make another TV appearance and sign another do-nothing executive order and solidify in the minds of those with little minds that he is doing something and Congress is doing nothing. When, in essence, he is doing nothing and Congress is trying at least. He always omits the relevant fact that it is a Democratic Senate.

Every day it is more and more apparent that we have a president who refuses to any real work or apply any real leadership to the job. He is a full-time campaign orator. Sadly, it may work.

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