Natural Gas Civic

November/24/2011 16:59PM
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Honda in betting against Obama. The company just introduced the Honda Civic natural gas. It’s the only natural gas fueled vehicle coming from the factory. It reduces tailpipe emissions 20% to 90% vs. gasoline or diesel. The fuel is 50% less than gasoline. Eighty nine percent of natural gas used in produced here and it’s growing fast. It drives just like a gasoline auto.

The cost: $26,925 with no government subsidy. You lose trunk space.

It will compete against Obama’s electric dreams. Electric power is being reduced as Obama closes coal fired plants. Electricity costs are going up as mandated green energy goals must be met by power plants.

You can buy a unit to hang on your garage wall that will compress your natural gas from your home to fill the car overnight. Costs for these units are going down.

So, who wins in the end. The car that burns the fuel that is growing in leaps and bounds and the price is going down. Or, the fuel that is being reduced by fiat and the price is going up?

Remember the old war between Sony and Beta? VCR vs. Beta?

No wonder car manufacturers go broke these days.

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