99% of What?

November/14/2011 18:21PM
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Nancy Pelosi’s Occupy Wall Street people call themselves the 99 per centers. I ponder what that means.

Since 16 million Americans are unemployed, and none of these people have jobs are they 99% of the unemployed? If they are unemployed, are they 99% of the unemployed who choose to take expanded unemployment benefits without trying to find work?

Since all the camps look like city dumps, are they 99% of the litterers in the country. When you follow someone in a car and they are dumping their entire McDonald’s dinner waste out the car window are they on the way to one of the protests?

Since drugs are rampant, are they 99% of the drug abusers in the country? Rape is becoming commonplace, are they 99% of the rapists?

Since none have jobs they can’t be protesting taxes since they wouldn’t be paying any. Are they 99% of the population who pay no taxes?

Do they represent 99% of the Communists, Socialists, or other radical groups in the country? Or, 99% of the anarchists who want to overthrow the government through violence?

With the education system in trouble in this country, are they 99% of the dropouts. Or, the unemployable? Dropouts who have student loans? Are they 99% of the illegals who are sucking up tax dollars we don’t have?

I guess we can exclude retired government employees who are receiving golden parachute type benefits. We can exclude millionaires and billionaires since they are busy with jobs that create jobs. Private jet owners for the same reasons. Farmers who are producing record crops. Workers in North Dakota who are reaping the benefits of the oil boom. Where there is a shortage of workers. Employed people are excluded. Students are excluded if they are attending classes. Full-time mothers who are trying to raise kids who will productive members of society. Retired people who too old to camp out.

If I take the population of America and exclude those who are occupying some productive activity it’s pretty hard to suggest that 99% support the 99 per centers.

It might be closer to 0.99% of something, probably the sub groups named above.

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