What Constitutes Tax Reform ?

October/04/2011 16:53PM
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The cost of preparing and filing all business and personal tax returns is estimated to be $250 to $300 billion each year. According to a 2005 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the efficiency cost of the tax system—the output that is lost over and above the tax itself—is between $240 billion and $600 billion per year. For tax return preparation, Americans spent an amount equal to roughly 20% of the amount collected in taxes.

2010 the U.S. tax code is 71,684 pages in length.
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It was 16,845 pages in Y2006.
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We have been getting the wrong type of reform since 2006. The pages have grown 54,839 in just four years since Reid and Pelosi took over our government. 
Is Herman Cain on to something? If everyone paid 9% and the form was two pages, look what productivity the country could gain. Billions in money saved from preparation. Billions in corporate costs to prepare taxes. Billions in fees paid to tax preparers and attorneys who would find other ways to earn a living. 
This is a huge infrastructure that helps the politicians find new complexity to add to the code, then helps voters find ways to evade the additions for a fee. Michael Madigan, the Illinois House Speaker for too many years to remember, has a business to help people pay less real estate taxes. Who would know better than Madigan, since he makes the laws and creates the loopholes. Who benefits more than Madigan? No one in Illinois.
This is how GE pays no taxes. This is how Warren Buffet pays less than his secretary, percentage-wise. This is a big black hole than billions get poured into every year. The government does not benefit, in fact, the government is the victim. 
I promise you if Obama gets his way and tries to extract one dollar more from me in taxes, I will utilize this system to it’s fullest extent and pay him less.  With professional help, I will find the loopholes that will be intentionally or inadvertently put in, and ride them to the moon. 
If Herman Cain gets his way, I’ll pay the freight, since there will be no loopholes. 
Which way will bring in more  net tax dollars to Uncle Sam? Herman will get GE too. And, he will get me again on the other end with the 9% sales tax. But, both GE and I may break even on income taxes since the raise in taxes may be offset by the cost of preparation. 
Obama  will lose on me.  Between me, my tax guy, my lawyer, and my own ability to get data, he will collect less. They may get more but he won’t.  There are a lot of me’s out there who will spend money to deprive Obama of his ability to wage class warfare on me.
This issue is the same as the malpractice issue in ObamaCare. The trial lawyers own Obama.  The tax preparers who do work for the Republicans really support the Democrats. You see, they drum up more business for them. 54,839 more pages in just 4 years.  
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