Things Obama Can’t Sell to America

October/18/2011 16:29PM
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First and foremost, the pitch that the economy is not his economy. First it was Bush, then the Tsunami, then Arab Spring, then economic problems in Greece. Now it’s the Republican Congress not passing his Jobs Bill. Sorry, it’s your economy and you will be called to account for it in November 2012.

We must all hate millionaires and billionaires and take every last cent from them, plus their private aircraft, and if it’s oil guys, their tax breaks. If we do all this, it will solve all the problems in America today. Sorry, Mr. President, it won’t fix all the mess you’ve made by several trillion, and it won’t work to make us forget it’s still your economy. Wall Street, the group that financed a big part of your election victory, is getting paid dearly for their loyalty to you. Check their quarterly reports. You’ve done a number on them with regulations. Now, you sic your union goons on them using hapless young people who spend their clueless hours there partying hearty and trashing the neighborhoods. Most of us have enough sense to know it wasn’t Wall Street that made the mess, it was Freddie, Fannie, Barney and Chris.

The Chevy Volt. The pubic isn’t buying your car Barrack. Sales are dismal. Now we find you are even subsidizing the in-home charging systems to spur sales and those being put up in public places. Why don’t you just give everyone a Volt?

Your most trusted people who have helped put you in this hole. Eric Holder, who most certainly lied to Congress about his knowledge of Fast and Furious. Dr. Chu, who most certainly established an illegal loan for Solyndra putting the taxpayer behind the Obama campaign contributor in loan claim rights.

Your ability to lead anything. We watched while everything you touched fell apart. You blew a trillion in stimulus money because you had no plan. Just spend it and jobs will come. (see Solyndra), a mountain of debt that you accumulated with no plan to pay, asking for another mountain of debt to fix an unemployment problem you created, and a health care bill that will be found unconstitutional or unworkable.

Of course, Gitmo is still open, and we doubt your dog Bo is housebroken yet.

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