Finally, A Way to Get Congress Off Their Butts

October/08/2011 16:43PM
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Two toilets blew up in the General Services Administration headquarters. Tiny shards of porcelain flew everywhere, injuring two federal employees. For a place that spends $1,200 for toilet seats, this is a serious problem. Like most things in government, just too much gas accumulated in one place and the explosion occurred.

No, Barney Frank was not one of the injured. But, gas seems to accumulate around Barney a lot. Especially when he tried to excuse himself from any part of the mortgage meltdown. Or, recently when he proposed the control of the Federal Reserve is too independent and he wants to change that.

I’m quite certain these toilets were installed and maintained by union labor. With the premium we pay to enjoy the union label, one would think we could expect better quality. Cities are trying to stretch budgets but in many states must pay union equivalent if they don’t use union contractors. That premium is estimated to be 20%.

No one wants to see toilets to blow up anywhere. Especially if people get hurt. If we have to have exploding toilets, Washington DC, in a government facility, is just too tempting to joke about. It does seem like we have a government that can’t do anything right these days. Perhaps this is an omen to a government that ignores historically low approval ratings that they need to get off their butts and fix our problems.

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