Today Might be the First Day of the End of the Obama Political Career

September/13/2011 16:38PM
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Even a rat will desert a sinking ship. A political rat will leave a listing ship lest it might sink. A liberal, progressive rat will leave a rocking ship, lest it might list or sink.

The rats on the Good Ship Obama are getting a little seasick.

Want to see a few dozen jump? Read tomorrow’s newspaper. If Republican Bob Turner wins the election in NY to replace the great Democrat Anthony Weiner, the rats will start jumping. The last time this Congressional District sent a Republican to Washington was during the Roaring Twenties. Turner is a 70 year old businessman who has never run for election for anything. His opponent, David Weprin is a career politician.

Democrats have dumped $500,000 in TV ads the past week to stave off what appears to be an upset. They brought in Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer for robocalls. Clinton’s call sounds like he is drunk or is being paid far too little. In barely audible monotones, Slick Willy pleads with the responder to vote for Weprin.

If this Congressional District is willing to take it out on the Democrats for all that is wrong, say goodbye to President Obama. Even Ed Koch, a Democrat is plugging for Turner. He says do it as a protest to Obama’s stance on Israel saying they need to go back to the borders prior to the 1967 Six Day War.

Turner might still lose even though polls show he has a six point lead going into today. The Democrats have thrown the kitchen sink at this one.

But, should Turner win, watch carefully to see what happens in Washington. All those Democratic Senators who have to stand for reelection in 2012 will begin to distance themselves from the President. Suddenly, Harry Reid will no longer have control over the Senate.

You see in American, and even in NYC, results still count. When you fail, you are seen as a failure. This election could send the message to the Democrats, even in your strongest neighborhoods in this country, your top guy is branded a failure. Step back away from him, his political career is coming to a close.


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