Employers Can’t Find Workers

September/12/2011 16:53PM
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I have talked to several employers in the past month who tell me they can’t find entry level workers. When they get someone in to talk about hiring them, the prospect finds it’s better to stay on unemployment. The pay is better. So jobs go wanting while you pay someone not to work. Isn’t that how it worked or didn’t work in the USSR? A few people produced too few goods and services that were distributed to the majority who produced nothing. But as those who producing nothing grew there wasn’t enough to go around.

Now President Obama wants to extend unemployment past the 99 weeks to help the poor souls he put out of work and keeps out of work by trying the old USSR system. He put the teens out of work by raising the minimum wage.

Here’s who the Obama jobs plan( never, never say stimulus because the American people are so stupid they can’t see the truth,) will help. Union employees. Union construction workers who work on infrastructure. In the first stimulus bill, contractors from Georgia were going to Tennessee to work on bridges because the bidders in Tennessee weren’t union contractors. All non-union contractors and employees need not apply for any of the proposed shovel-ready( oh, that’s right, we don’t use shovel ready anymore either) projects. President Obama lost a few approval points when he said shovel ready wasn’t so shovel ready, then laughed. I guess too many Americans didn’t see the humor in blowing a trillion on a failed program. Are you laughing now, because this will work no better?

Obama is spider trapped in his own web with infrastructure spending. He helped spin the regulatory web. The web that causes a local township to spend $30,000 on environmental impact studies and consultants to get permits to put up a traffic light. And, the permitting process takes 9 months. Obama will be out of office before this big infrastructure kicks in. Republicans should be all over this. The next president, a Republican, will benefit more from this spending than Obama.

The next big blob of spending will go to states to hire teachers. It isn’t to hire teachers, it’s to not fire teachers. Teachers that need to be fired. Budget problems in states are causing the garden to be weeded. Teacher reductions are taking out many who don’t perform. In any organization weeding needs to be done. But, these are union teachers and the NEA is one of the biggest contributors to Obama. So, let’s throw a few billion at the states and get a few million back in saved union dues that come back in campaign dollars. And, votes.

Lastly, let’s tax a few millionaires and billionaires to spread the wealth. Spread the wealth from being used to buy goods and services to being used to buy votes. Votes from the unemployed who get more time off, votes from the teachers who would have been fired, votes from the few union construction workers who can find work, and votes from other unions who get the message that my jobs plan was designed by and for the unions.

Notice no talk about the big new green economy. The timing was really bad on that, since the pet project of the president just blew up costing taxpayers a half a billion dollars. More will blow up in the coming months. See yesterday’s blog.

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