Another Government Shut Down

September/25/2011 16:34PM
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Aren’t they cute, those litter fellers in Washington. Since they can’t get together on three billion to fund FEMA, somehow this shuts down the government. I could investigate why, but I really don’t care.

It’s as simple as this. The House passed a bill funding the requirements, but requiring offsetting cuts to pay the tab. Seems like we just went through a big mess with the debt and almost shut the government down then. We lost our bond rating because we owe too much money. Polls showed that 70% of the public want spending cuts. And only 12% approve of the job Congress is doing.

The Senate voted down the House bill. Guess the Senate didn’t think we could find $3 billion to cut. Knowing that, the House even specified where to cut. The unspent Stimulus money that the DOE is trying to spend on another $3 billion in Solyndra projects that need to be approved before the budget authority expires.

So, there you have it. If you believe the government should invest in more Solyndra’s vote Democrat. If you believe the government needs to stop spending but should fund FEMA projects from cuts to the DOE that may prevent more millions from being lost, vote Republican.

Simple as that.

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