Obama Bus Tour

August/18/2011 16:16PM
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President Obama is on the campaign tour. Riding in a big bus you are financing with your tax dollars.

Out there pointing the finger. This time at Congress. It’s all their fault. They can’t get along. But, the Democrats are asking, begging really, for him to tell them what he wants. And, the Republicans are asking why he didn’t support their plan for cut, cap, and balance. He has offered nothing, not even one budget that could be approved since he was sworn into office. Over 800 days with no budget.

But, don’t despair. He says he is working on a plan and will submit that plan in September. What with bus tours and vacations, so little time to worry about the economy and jobs.

But, again, don’t despair. He is setting up a new department, the Department of Jobs. Once again, following Jimmy Carter’s lead. Remember, when he had an energy problem, he set up the Department of Energy. A huge money sink hole that has never produced anything of value since Carter came up with the idea.

The Department of Energy didn’t produce any energy, but did produce a lot of jobs. Billions spent on bureaucrats that got paid a lot to do nothing. One can only suppose the Department of Jobs will do the same.

The approval rating for Obama sank to 39% this week. Mostly due to his being lost and unconcerned and devoid of leadership. The solution is to get on a bus and become really lost, really unconcerned, and become very visible doing nothing. Mr. President visibility is not your problem. We see far too much of you bloviating. We would like to think you might be doing some productive work. Like attending economic briefings in the White House.

You said you didn’t want Congress to come back and work on the debt problem since you thought they would just make it worse. We don’t want you to get off the bus for the same reason. Just shut off the cameras so we don’t have to see you or listen to your finding blame for your incompetence.

One member of the great Super Congress went public today and said this was his opportunity to insure wealth inequality got fixed. That’s a good start to this project.

Then there’s Warren Buffet. He wants the super rich to pay more. Why not start with a check for $10 billion to jump start that program, Mr. Oracle of Omaha. After all, it’s only 10%, your tithing share.

Meanwhile the wheels on the bus go round and round. And, the mouth from Chicago flaps and flaps.

That’s life today in America.

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