Congress Didn’t Get the Memo from the Public

August/05/2011 16:25PM
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Right on the heels of the debt debate Democrats in Congress, more specifically the Senate, are throwing salt in our wounds. The FAA stalemate is a travesty. Since they don’t have employees to collect taxes on tickets, most of the airlines are keeping ticket prices the same and pocketing the taxes. If it goes on much longer there will be a billion in lost revenue to the government. That’s probably the equivalent of what they will cut in the next year under the debt ceiling deal.

Why, you ask, can’t they renew the funds for the FAA? First excuse, they were too busy working on the debt ceiling deal. Working as they watched their approval ratings drop like a rock, especially the President. So, you might sense they get the message the public is really pissed that they can’t get their act together and fix the budget problem. 

But, here’s the truth. It’s like Cut, Cap, and Balance. The Republican led House has sent a bill to the Senate. The Democratic majority in the Senate won’t pass the House bill. Why? Because the Democratic led Senate wants the equivalent of card check in this bill. They want to make it easier to unionize the airlines.

Here it is in a nutshell people. The Democrats in the Senate will sell you out to the tune of a lost billion  in revenue for their union friends. Three million strong in this country, they have this kind of clout. If you really want to go to bed angry tonight think about this. The airlines will pocket one billion in tax money earmarked for the government because the government, Senate Democrats want to make it easier to unionize the airlines. The bill sent to the Senate from the House fixes all the problems except the little union issue. It doesn’t change the current union relationship, it just doesn’t add the change the Democrats wants. 

This sums it all up. A special interest is more important to Senate Democrats than collecting one billion in tax dollars that now go by Senate default to those millionaires and billionaires who run the airlines, the non-corporate jet form of transportation.

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