Blame Throwers

August/08/2011 16:01PM
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Senator Kerry, a man who has always had trouble speaking the truth, came out and labeled the Standard and Poor’s downgrade as the Tea Party downgrade.

This, of course, ignores the $8 trillion in debt added since the Pelosi-led Congress took over the country. It ignores the budget Obama put forth that would have cut nothing and was voted down 99-0. It ignores the Reid cuts that took credit for the winding down of two wars and would have been a paltry $1 trillion net over 10 years. It ignores the Tea Party led cut, cap, and balance bill that was voted down by 3 votes in the Senate. A plan that would have satisfied Standard and Poor’s requirements. It ignores the Paul Ryan proposal, supported by the Tea Party, that the Democrats attacked with vicious ads showing grandma being pushed off the cliff.

This is Obama’s downgrade and he will own it and all that comes with it. The falling stock market, the interest rate increases, and the continued job losses. As more and more is exposed regarding the added economic costs of ObamaCare, he will be faced with trying to explain how a country in economic distress will pay for all of that.

Fools like Kerry can point fingers all they want, but there is no solid evidence that Democrats did anything to prevent the downgrade and had everything to do with root causes.

No one does blame throwing better than Obama. He will get very creative. He will point that finger and rant and rave about how he had nothing to do with this. After all, he’s only the president. He made the bad decisions and now it’s time to pay the price. Over 66% of the public favored cut, cap, and balance, but he refused to endorse the plan. He tried to vote present on the problem and now he will be faced with the cold truth that presidents don’t get to vote present. He made that work as a state senator in Illinois, as a US senator, and as a campaigner. But, not as a president.

He gave us a bit more good news this weekend. Tim Geithner will stay on as Treasury Secretary. Another vote present by Obama. He could hang some of this on Geithner. He is blaming Standard and Poors. He says they missed the housing bubble problem. A problem created by Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and the other Democrats who wanted to make home ownership another entitlement and used Freddie and Fannie as vehicles to make that happen. Oh, by the way, Freddie and Fannie are being downgraded further by Standard and Poors.

Tea Party members of Congress are the only ones who took this seriously. The Tea Party started because everyday Americans were concerned about something like this happening over two years ago.

Pointing the blame finger at the very people who have been fighting against bigger government and Obama’s reckless spending is bad politics. It will backfire.

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