The People Have Spoken President Obama

July/29/2011 16:54PM
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Today, the United States borrows 43 cents of every dollar it spends. The first budget sent to Congress by President Obama would have taken that to fifty cents in no time. Fortunately, that was rejected.

In one of his numerous harangues about not getting his way on the debt ceiling, meaning tax increases that even his own party does not want, he said he was taking his case, whatever that may be, to the pubic.

Remember, the Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill failed by only 3 votes. Hardly an overwhelming defeat. Polls show the majority of the public favored a bill that controlled spending and want less spending.

The answer is in from the public.

Consumers paid down their credit card bills by $72 billion in 2009 and 2010. In the prior five years the public made $2.1 billion more in purchases than payments. In other words voters have the message. They know they can’t keep spending in these uncertain times, and they need to reduce debt. These are facts, not polls.

You are totally out of sync with the American public, Mr. President. Americans are telling you by their actions that this is a time when spending must be curtailed until the economy gains strength. You, on the other hand want to keep spending what you don’t have to grow your precious government and gain more control over the public.

Better pay attention, Mr. President, the public has been speaking for over two years and you aren’t listening.

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