The Debt Ceiling Debate in Summary

July/13/2011 16:29PM
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Here it is, a summary of the big debate. President Obama wants to be reelected. Right now, the prospects of that don”t look so good. The country needs to make big adjustments. None of his ideas have worked. He is coming off looking like a man who likes to vote present. Despite all his spending, things are going south. He sees this as an opportunity to save his bacon. If he uses his normal scare tactics effectively it can work in his favor. He can tell the elderly that Republicans want to stop their social security checks while letting fat cats keep their corporate planes. Then, he can ride in at the eleventh hour and save every one’s bacon. If  the Republicans don’t bow down to the tax increases, if the deadline passes and checks don’t get sent, it’s not his fault. Either way  he thinks he wins. 

The Republicans don’t want Obama reelected. They want to make him the sole obstacle to getting the government costs cut. They want to honor their pledges to not raise taxes. If Obama refuses to make cuts in spending, they will try to blame him if the deadline passes and things go bad. 

Neither party is focused on what’s best for the country. It’s just a game trying to inflict maximum pain on the other party, or to keep a job, or to fire that man from that job. 

Pretty sad isn’t it?

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