Obama Makes Everything Simple

July/02/2011 16:30PM
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First, the unemployment problem. It was due to ATM machines and airport kiosks.

Now the deficit. If we could only tax those corporate jets we would be home free. So simple.

It would raise $3 billion in taxes over the next decade.

Remember the great luxury tax idea in the early 1990’s? It put all the yacht manufacturers in the United States out of business. What exactly is the corporate jet tax issue? Several years ago, accelerated depreciation was put in place on executive aircraft because the industry was going out of business. Union jobs were at stake. What has changed? The executive aircraft industry is far from tall cotton.

So, Obama, who spoke of corporate jets so many times I couldn’t count in his news conference, where he told congress to get to work on the deficit while he went off to Pennsylvania to do his real job, raise money for his campaign.

Poor President Obama, he can’t catch a break. Now he has the executive aircraft industry and the unions they represent on his case for trying to do them in like the poor yacht manufacturers were done in.

Wait, he did also go after the oil industry again. We know how much he knows about that business, since the crude price is now back where it was before he dug into our strategic petroleum reserve for political capital.

Remember all those years when the media insulted Bush’s intelligence? When do they start noticing that this president doesn’t make any sense?

Corporate jets, ATM machines, kiosks at airports, tap the petroleum reserve for zilch. Comparing his kid’s homework to congress? Does anyone even believe the kids do their homework a day ahead? It doesn’t make any more sense than anything else the says or does, does it? Plus he had the ages wrong.

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