Nothing is Shovel Ready Anymore

July/31/2011 16:35PM
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President Obama seemed shocked to find that “shovel ready projects aren’t really shovel ready.” When you have never lived in the real world it’s hard to relate to what happens in the real world.

Here’s the real world, Mr. President. A simple project, like fixing a drainage problem in berm requires a lot of regulation. I just went through that. My daughter had that problem. It started when she resurfaced her asphalt driveway last year. The township required a $1,000 bond deposit for the portion of the driveway that extends into the the township right of way. The township required the culvert pipe to replaced and be replaced with steel pipe. Even though the pipe is the township’s pipe, the homeowner must pay to replace said pipe and do it to the township’s specification. Plus, the township dictated the drainage plan. Drainage from the culvert pipe across the lawn, which had to meet township engineering, to the neighbor’s pipe.

The township plan didn’t work. Water collected in the ditch and was a haven for mosquitoes. It was a health hazard.

We hired a landscaper to fix the problem. He went to the township. First response, you can’t do anything. Second response, you need to submit detailed plans. Detailed plans to bury a pipe and re sod a berm. Third response, we will let you do your plan, give us the $1,000 and we will tell you when we can issue the permit. Fourth response, one week later, permit issued. This is a classic example of how midget minded bureaucrats who need to be in the unemployment line, stop progress at every level in this country today. Little power freaks who enjoy giving contractors and taxpayers a hard time.

First question, why is there a township. These were established 70 years ago when there were gaps between cities. Now, they just duplicate the work the cities and states do.

Next question, why shouldn’t the township maintain their own property.

Third question, why would any government entity want to keep a health hazard?

Fourth, why would a township require a $1,000 bond to allow them to harass homeowners and contractors to jump through more hoops to get their bond back and employ useless inspectors who inspect nothing and require engineering that doesn’t work?

Expand this example. If weeks are taken to get a permit to lay a pipe in the ground and put sod over that pipe, how long does it take to do a major project? And, how much extra cost is involved to get the necessary permits to do that job? What does that do to the cost and how many needless government employees do we pay to raise costs and slow down work?

This is happening all over the country today. This, Mr. President is why the shovels aren’t ready. Your lust for more government is the root cause.

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