Kennedy Hypocrisy at it’s Best

July/25/2011 16:27PM
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Robert Kennedy Jr., the Kennedy whose voice sounds like it’s being doctored by one of those machines designed to hide identity, is indignant about wind power. A staunch environmentalist and long-time enemy of the oil industry, he suddenly speaks out about the high cost of wind power. How can this be?

How can the man who kept terminals from being built that would have allowed the importation of low-cost LNG be concerned about energy cost? How can the man who sold fuel oil at cost to poor people because the oil companies were ripping them off, be against wind?
Why is wind suddenly bad in Massachusetts?

Reality is hard to take when it hits you in the face. Uncle Ted kept the Cape Wind people from putting those 130 “massive steel windmill-turbine towers”(Kennedy’s quote) from being built in Nantucket Sound for years and years. Per, Ted, wind is great. Just don’t put those damned things that produce power in my beloved cape waters. This may be only time I’ve ever agreed with a Kennedy.

Suddenly it becomes clear that wind is a bad idea. It’s not cost effective and the mandates will require the good people of Massachusetts to pay through the nose to have an eyesore in Nantucket Sound. It will be heavily subsidized with tax dollars to put up the eyesores and then the cost will come in at 25 cents per kwh vs. 6 cent alternatives for nuclear. So, the good people of Massachusetts get nailed twice, once to build the eyesores and then again to pay for the non-competitive power they produce.

Worse yet, Kennedy feels Cape Wind, the parent company building the eyesores are so politically connected no one can stop them. Not even a Kennedy.

So this goes on all over the country. And, with the support of the Kennedys’, without which, it might not be happening. No one was closer to Al Gore and his little plan to get rich and destroy American than Uncle Ted. And, it goes on due to special interests. With tax money to GE to build the windmills they would not be getting built. Without mandates to utilities to buy the power that costs 6 times what current power costs, none would be bought. Eyesores get put up somewhere that look like hell, make loud noises, and kill birds and bats, but special interests get it done.

Now, when it gets done in little Bobby Kennedy’s back yard, he writes op ed pieces to the nation’s newspapers pointing out the injustices of this practice. Too bad, Bobby, you are just tilting at windmills like old Don Quixote, it’s gonna happen despite the stupidity of it all. Look to the sky and thank old Uncle Ted, he put the wheels in motion with his buddy Al Gore. You now get what you deserve, a bad idea. Just think, if you hadn’t fought those pipelines into Massachusetts, you could be using natural gas, cheap natural gas from right here in America to generate that clean power. But, Bobby, you wanted windmills and you’ve got them. Poetic justice.

Blow a little of your hot air in that direction, it might speed them up.

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