Injustice at Department of Justice

July/08/2011 16:24PM
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Attorney General Eric Holder is becoming the best thing in Washington for the Republicans.

Every move he seems to make drags Obama’s approval rating down another notch. Two recent decisions have really helped. His insistence on trying terrorists in civilian courts rankles the majority of Americans. They don’t want them in their communities. Would you want to be on a jury that convicts a terrorist? It’s like convicting a mob boss. Or, worse. Still, Holder and Obama persist.

At least 39 Republican senators have signed a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder ripping him for transferring a Somali-based terrorist to the United States for a civilian trial, The Daily Caller has learned.

U.S. officials transferred Somali terror suspect Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame from a Navy ship, where he was detained for the past couple of months for interrogation, to New York.

The Obama administration did not announce Warsame’s capture before transferring him to New York, where he’s now been indicted on federal charges. If they did announce Warsame’s capture before his transfer, congressional Republicans may have had an opportunity to publicly object to Holder’s decision.

In their letter to Holder objecting to the decision to give Warsame a civilian trial, the GOP senators say Warsame was an “unlawful combatant” who “wore no uniform and fought for no country. But, they say Warsame “is not an American citizen and was not captured on American soil.”

“Mr. Warsame should have been detained outside the United States and, if necessary, tried by military commission,” the GOP senators wrote.

Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk authored the letter. (Elizabeth Warren snubbed Oversight hearing for Vanity Fair interview, internal meetings)

Signing senators, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, wrote that Holder’s decision goes against legal precedents and grants a terrorist Constitutional rights that, normally, only American citizens enjoy.

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And, the next story.

Holder is now in the gun running business. Supplying guns to Mexican drug lords. Guns that were used to kill civilians. Guns that have now found their way into Arizona.

WASHINGTON – Today at his news conference, President Obama was asked about the unfolding gunwalker scandal, and whether ATF leadership will be replaced.

Mr. Obama answered, “My attorney general has made clear that he certainly would not have ordered gun running to be able to pass through into Mexico. … I’m not going to comment on — a on a current investigation. I’ve made very clear my views that that would not be an appropriate step by the ATF, and we’ve got to find out how that happened.”

Project Gunrunner scandal uncovered at ATF

Mr. Obama added, “As soon as the investigation is completed, I think appropriate actions will be taken.”

This week, the Senate confirmed three Obama-nominated Justice Department officials in a deal that will give Congressional investigators access to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms documents that have been withheld for months. The bigger part of the deal, however, is that ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson will provide a “transcribed interview” to Republican and Democratic investigators in mid-July.

Melson is the highest-ranking official involved in the so-called gunwalker scandal to agree to be interviewed. For more than a week, Melson has resisted calls to resign from Republican members of Congress and critics. That after testimony and documents revealed he was fully briefed and engaged in the controversial plan to allow thousands of assault rifles and other weapons to be sold to suspected traffickers for Mexican drug cartels. Investigators have been trying to figure out who knew what, when at the Justice Department, which oversees ATF. They believe Melson may be able to provide some of that information.

Agent: I was ordered to let guns into Mexico

The president has said neither he nor Attorney General Eric Holder approved the operation known as “Fast and Furious.” The Inspector General, the House Oversight Committee under Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) are investigating.

So, Holder is not responsible for what happens on his watch. Gee, I guess this is just a little blip, not worthy of much news. Can you imagine what would have happened if this was Bush?

Thanks, Eric Holder for all you do. Thanks, President Obama for continuing to support Holder. By proxy, you show us every day your true colors. Holder is as far left as anyone can be. Your support of him lets us know where you truly stand.

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