You Can Keep Your Doctor with ObamaCare

June/10/2011 16:36PM
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This week, the statement that President Obama made time and time again while pimping for his great accomplishment, the abortive ObamaCare, was found to be just another Obama lie.

When it comes to business and the private sector, give the president credit, he is always wrong. He is clueless about how the private sector in this country works. McKinsey, a consulting firm that I have worked with extensively, did a survey to confirm what all of us who spent time in any business executive suite already knew, you won’t have health insurance from your employer under ObamaCare.

Businesses, large and small, didn’t choose to be the supplier of health insurance to employees. It became a competitive necessity. For years employers have struggled to find a way to keep those costs down. The have instituted wellness plans. They have studied the competitive labor market to find ways to cut costs and move with methods competitive employers use to do that. They have cut benefits to employees. They have cut benefits to retirees.

Now Obama has given them an out. Just pay the $2000 annual fine and don’t be in the health insurance business. Let the employees find their own health insurance.

According to McKinsey, only 78 million Americans now insured by employers will get alternative insurance. Or, not be able to keep their doctors. Gee, if it only affected 78 million Americans was it really an important lie Obama was telling? Or, did he even know, or care. Was he just reading the teleprompter? If you gave him a test on ObamaCare, could he pass? Did he have meaningful debates with the lackeys who designed ObamaCare in the rush to pass it? Was the constitutionality of it ever questioned like it is being questioned in a courtroom in Atlanta? Did they think thousands of waivers would be needed to keep big employers like McDonald’s from dropping their low-cost coverage?

McKinsey’s study showed that many employers who don’t opt for the $2,000 fine will opt for the subsidized coverage, subsidized by your tax dollars, driving up the cost of ObamaCare, as originally estimated, by billions.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister of the UK is trying to cut back their universal health care because the country can’t afford it any longer.

It’s time to get rid of ObamaCare. We can have health care reform, but a version that is truthful about the outcomes, both for the public and on the budget. Get a clean piece of paper and start with malpractice reform and go from there. The hell with the trial lawyers. Their money can’t keep Obama in office so they will be giving their millions to a loser. They can be losers together.

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