Living Beyond our Means

June/17/2011 16:33PM
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It’s the debt, not the deficit, that will destroy this country. Or, more specifically, the interest on that debt.

Watch this:

If our generation and the next don’t stop this, my grandkids will be living in Greece.

Someone, I think it was William Buckley once said: “if you picked 600 names from the Boston phone book to put in Congress the country would be better off than electing the idiots who run for office”.  If it were the Chicago phone book that might not work unless you skipped the O’s.

This is serious stuff and the Weiner’s of the world in Washington are incapable of taking it seriously. Both parties.

These arrogant jerks just keep spending. Running through all the red lights and lying through their teeth.

Watch the Republicans do a big fold on the debt ceiling. That will tell you all you need to know. A big broom went through in November, but it missed a lot of debris. The bigger broom needs to sweep out the Boehner’s and the rest who got through the last sweep.

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