16 Phone Calls From Mitt Romney in 3 Hours

June/20/2011 16:56PM
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I have Comcast telephone service. One feature allows me to block calls I get from the same persistent phone number. While watching the US Open on Saturday, I got 15 calls from one of those blocked numbers. It rings twice and then cuts off. Finally, curiosity took over. I unblocked the number to see who would invade any one’s privacy on a Saturday 15 times in three hours.

Guess what? I was none other than Mitt Romney’s campaign headquarters. I will not repeat the conversation I had with the young man at Romney’s headquarters. It was uglier than Wiener’s underwear tweet.

I wish old Mitt the best of luck in his efforts to raise money and get the nomination. I figure he can upset a few thousand potential donors and supporters a day. By fall, it will be a few million.

This is the man who calls himself a businessman. That isn’t the term I would use for Mitt right now. The only thing I had against Mitt was RomneyCare. Now, it’s two things. Two too many.

It is my fervent desire that Mitt be out of the race early.

We don’t want another idiot in the White House.

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