Mark Kirk Wants to End Pirate Attacks

May/11/2011 16:44PM
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What is it with Illinois and our politicians? The state is broke. The state sent Obama to Washington to break the nation. He’s well on his way. Somehow he will keep the spending at present or higher levels and extract the money he needs, trillions, from the wealthiest Americans. The group that already pays 59% of the income taxes with 35% of the income. Dick Durbin, the most liberal member of the senate wants to solve the gasoline price problem by eliminating special tax advantages held by the oil companies. Trouble is, the oil companies don’t have any special tax benefits.

Mark Kirk, the republican from Illinois, who was just sent to the senate, has been quiet up until now. With all the problems facing the country and the state of Illinois his breakout issue is Somali pirates. He wants to send our navy to stop them.

We don’t have enough on our plate with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, North Korea, and now Pakistan, we need to take on the Somali pirates?

You want a case study in idiocy and a classic example of what’s wrong in Washington, here it is. A former naval officer, who was a hero until he was caught lying, has seen too many Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He wants to be Captain Sparrow.

If you ran a company and you were in deep trouble and one of your executives pranced into your office and said we need a new shredder policy. We’re spending too much on shredding paper. What would you do? Fire him, right? We can’t just fire the one’s who have been there too long, we have to fire the ones we just sent there.

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