Stink Bugs Infest Blue States

April/01/2011 9:27AM
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As if the blue states don’t have enough problems, infested by Democrats who are bankrupting them, they now are being beset by stink bugs. So far, no scientific correlation has been found between stinking politicians and stink bugs, but the phenomenon makes one suspicious. Why are stink bugs locating in blue states?

“I would say people now regard them as an out-of-control pest” says Kim Helmer, a research entomologist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Newark, Del.”

Stinks bugs destroy crops and have glands that produce a strong odor that repels predators. They are obnoxious.

If you overlay the map of the stink bug population with the blue states they match almost perfectly. The only exceptions are South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arizona. Arizona can be explained by the presence of John McCain, who recently gave Obama a boost in his position in Libya. The other three may be just their proximity to blue states.

Could it be these bugs just find it more friendly to be in a blue state?

But, rest assured, the USDA has spent $1.09 million in stink bug research. Probably there will be millions more to come.

A tiny parasitic wasp from Asia, a stink bug emits a noxious odor when stepped on or threatened. The parasitic label also causes one to ponder the attraction to states run by Democrats. Not to mention the smell.

Researchers are contemplating releasing a wasp from Asia known as a Trissolcus wasp which are natural enemies of stink bugs. God knows what damage these might cause. When the government finds a solution to a problem, it usually means the resulting problem is bigger.

I guess the old saying, birds of a feather flock together must apply to bugs too.

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