Promises Unkept

April/04/2011 18:04PM
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What drama we have coming out of Washington these days. Speaker Boehner is in a sweat. He just can’t find it in his heart to abide by the promise to cut $100 billion, reduced to $61 billion(because part of the budget year is gone), now cut to $30 billion.

His allies are the Democrats, he can get the votes from them for the $31 billion, but he will lose more in Republican votes, those damned Freshmen who remember their promise won’t roll over for him. Nancy Pelosi, he’s not. Remember when Nancy kneecapped any Democrat who didn’t follow the party line. Boehner needs to be back in Ohio sweeping the floor at the family bar. A memory that never fails to bring a tear to his eye.

I’ll tell you what brings a tear to my eye. When the good old boy Republicans like Boehner can’t remember why there was a Democratic bloodbath at the polls just five short months ago. Almost no one in this country accepts that you can’t cut $500 billion out of a bloated $3 trillion federal budget. It’s the will that’s lacking.

All of the Republicans who can’t stand up and fulfill their promises need to go in 2012. It’s most of them who have served more than 5 months. Who do they fear? Public sentiment is in their favor. Did the Wisconsin challenge cause all of them to be spayed and neutered?

It’s a cowardly lot who only cares about their speaker job or their house or senate seat. None of them care about the country. They must spend 50% of the time they work, which is 50% of the time most people work, checking their polls.

This decision will determine the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election, and it looks like we will get Obama for 6 more years because the Republican brand means nothing.

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