Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

March/26/2011 16:17PM
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In only 15 years, and for only $30 million, your government created a gray wolf surplus. How great is that?

At the same time, for far more millions, your government created a wild horse surplus.

Being an animal lover, I can’t offer the obvious solution. Put the wolves and the horses together in the same place.

After all, the wolves are now creating an elk shortage. And, killing livestock in record numbers. And, the wild horses are out of land. They are creating problems for ranchers as they run wild.

There are an estimated 1,651 gray wolves. How many bureaucrats did it take to count them? Obama is going to let the wolves be hunted again. Despite the objections of the usual crowd. Earthjustice, Western Watersheds, and the Center for Biological Diversity. My wife was stung by a scorpion this week. Are they part of that diversity plan? I have bad news, there is one less scorpion in Arizona.

So these people with too much money, and too little to do, get together and help the government manage wild horses and gray wolves. This is the same government that wants to manage your health care. And, the same groups that want you to pay $10 a gallon for gasoline. In fact, Salazar is managing or mismanaging all of this. Your offshore drilling, your gray wolves, and your wild horses.

Where we need a surplus(oil), we have a shortage, and where we can’t afford a shortage(wolves and wild horses) we have just that.

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