The Worst Green Idea Yet

March/27/2011 16:35PM
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Have you heard them all? All the wasted billions the DOE and state governments have spent on green energy ideas? Cattle flatulence, biomass, cars than run on water, burning corn cobs, and on and on.

If you went looking for the worst idea, where would you look? Where are there over 600 absolute idiots in one place? A group that can run anything and can never spend enough. Enough of your money. Got it, congress, right.

When the Democrats ran the House they decided they needed to introduce new cutlery made of corn. That’s right corn. We don’t waste enough corn with ethanol, we need to find new ways to waste more. How did that work? They cost more, did relatively little for the environment and warped when exposed to hot soup. Republicans, being smarter killed the corn spoons.

The Democrats made the utensils from corn, and the hot-food containers were made from sugar cane. After use they were mashed together and hauled 61 miles to a landfill in Maryland. In 6-8 months it was turned to compost and sold. High fives were given for diverting 650 tons of waste from landfills. The catch, it cost an extra $475,000 a year to do this. But, it’s only your tax dollars, right? The benefit, according to the House’s inspector general, the equivalent of taking one car off the road.

Since corn utensils started composting at lunch, diners had to take three or four of each. They broke, they bent, and they melted.

The Republicans reverted to the same products you get at McDonald’s. They don’t compost but the cost was nothing, since those items were covered by the contract with the caterer. Net savings to you $475,000 a year.

Now that was easy, wasn’t it?

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