Obama’s Priorities

March/20/2011 16:13PM
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It’s been a tough two weeks for the world. Middle Eastern countries have rioting in the streets. Japan had one of the worst disasters in history. The US Government might close down for lack of a budget.

President Obama told Colonel Qaddafi to leave.

Immediately thereafter he spent a day dealing with bullying in the public schools.

Then the Japanese catastrophe hit.

President Obama dealt with Women’s History on his radio program then went off to play golf.

The world is begging the president to do something as Qaddafi begins to retake the country in Libya.

The Democrats are begging Obama to take a position on the budget.

Obama tapes his NCAA bracket picks.

Gasoline prices hit $4 in California. Obama plays golf for the second straight Saturday.

Pharmacies in California run out of iodine. Stock markets around the world are diving from fear over the Japanese catastrophe. Our Japanese allies are trying to deal with death, destruction, recovery, and nuclear issues.

Our president votes present on all the issues. He is in full campaign mode, his true talent. He has no intention of putting his neck on the line on any of these issues. Why should he? He never has. He became president by voting present. No fingerprints on anything.

This is what we have for a leader in this country today. Sad, isn’t it?

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